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Click on the above image to join the Bangkok Jugglers and spinners facebook group; where you will have any questions about Juggling, poi staff, hoop or any other type of object manipulation in Bangkok answered.

Bangkok Jugglers and Spinners’ club meets every Tuesday evening at 5.00pm. Click the links on the right for more info….

Join our facebook group

บากอกจักแกลรส์แอนด์สพินเนอรส์คลับรวมตัวกันทุกวันอังคารที่สวนเบ็นจสิริ ไกล้ๆ Emporium ครับ


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  1. Hi there we are looking for hula hoopers to join a hooping workshop in January. Please contact me if your interested. See you Tuesday!

  2. Hi there, are you still currently active? I would love a group like this to juggle with in Bangkok. Let me know and I’ll be there next Tuesday 🙂 Thanks.

  3. I don’t know how I’ve missed this, but hope its still going. I’ve been waiting 20 years for something like this to get off the ground. I will try to get down there in the next few weeks.
    2 questions….
    1) is the other place at Khao San area mentioned on your facebook page still getting any kind of attendance?

    2) I notice pics on the facebook page of a place called “Thai Circus” selling equipment. Do you have nay details of where it is etc?

    3) Any other Juggling and/or Magic sellers in Bangkok or Pattaya?

    Hope to see a good turnout when I get there. I’ll bring some clubs and stuff first time, and perhaps a unicycle later if there’s anybody there 🙂

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